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ALPHA - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
ALPHA_NUM - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
ALPHA_NUM_NO_LEADING_ZEROS - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
apply(String) - Method in interface li.selman.jpbe.dsl.Expression
apply(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
apply(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions
Applies all expressions on s and joins the results in order.
apply(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
apply(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression


BACK_SLASH - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token


COLON - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
COMMA - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
computeExpressions(String, String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstStrExpressionBuilder
computeExpressions(String, String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpressionBuilder
computeExpressions(String, String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpressionBuilder
computeExpressions(String, String) - Method in interface li.selman.jpbe.dsl.ExpressionBuilder
computeLocalOptimaPath() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Graph
Finds the optimal path from S to T.
computeOptimalTraceExpression() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.StartToFinishPath
computePositions(String, int) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPositionBuilder
computePositions(String, int) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPositionBuilder
computePositions(String, int) - Method in interface li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.PositionBuilder
Generates all possible position which match a given index on a given string.
computePositions(String, int) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.PositionsBuilder
computeTokenSequence(String, int, int) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequenceBuilder
ConstantPosition - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
Denotes a constant index of a string.
ConstantPosition(int) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
ConstantPositionBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
ConstantPositionBuilder() - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPositionBuilder
ConstantStringExpression - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
ConstantStringExpression(String) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
ConstStrExpressionBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
ConstStrExpressionBuilder() - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstStrExpressionBuilder
createAllPrograms(String, String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.GraphBuilder
Creates a directed acyclic graph where each node represents the index between two characters of the output string.


DOT - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
DslElement - Interface in li.selman.jpbe.dsl
DynamicPosition - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
DynamicPosition(TokenSequence, TokenSequence, int) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
DynamicPositionBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
DynamicPositionBuilder(TokenSequenceBuilder) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPositionBuilder


Edge - Class in li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
An edge represents a set of programs which evaluate to a substring of the intended output string.
Edge(int, int, Set<Expression>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
END - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
equals(Object) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
evalToPosition(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
evalToPosition(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
evalToPosition(String) - Method in interface li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.Position
Given an input, dynamically evaluate to an index inside for string manipulation operations.
Expression - Interface in li.selman.jpbe.dsl
ExpressionBuilder - Interface in li.selman.jpbe.dsl
Interface for expression builders, so that the graph builder can be generically extended with more expression builders.
Expressions - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
Represents a full program p which can be applied on a input string to get the intended output.
Expressions(List<Expression>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions


FORWARD_SLASH - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
from - Variable in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge


getDslWeight() - Method in interface li.selman.jpbe.dsl.DslElement
The weight can be used to find an optimal program in a set of valid programs.
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
getDslWeight() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
Note that the size of the DslElement and the size of TokenSequence.tokens can differ! Do not use this method to get the number of tokens in the sequence.
getElseToken() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Tokens
getExpressions() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
getExpressionsSize() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
getLastToken() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
getMergedPattern() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
getNumberOfTokens() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
getPattern() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
getRegexPattern() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
getTokens() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Tokens
getTokens() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
Graph - Class in li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
GraphBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
GraphBuilder(List<ExpressionBuilder>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.GraphBuilder


hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
hashCode() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
HYPHEN - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token


intersect(Graph) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Graph
isEmpty() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
iterator() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence


lastPosition() - Static method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
LEADING_ZERO - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
li.selman.jpbe.classifier - package li.selman.jpbe.classifier
li.selman.jpbe.datastructure - package li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
li.selman.jpbe.dsl - package li.selman.jpbe.dsl
li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression - package li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position - package li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token - package li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token
LookupExpression - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
Note that not the whole input string has to match for the lookup expression to be applied.
LookupExpression(Map<String, String>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
LookupExpressionBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
Different LookupExpressionBuilder can be implemented.
LookupExpressionBuilder(List<List<String>>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpressionBuilder
LOWER_ALPHA - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token


Match - Class in li.selman.jpbe.classifier
Matches if the TokenSequence r occurs k times in a given string or inverse if positive is false.
matches(char) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
Checks whether a single character matches the token.
matches(char, Token) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
matches(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.classifier.Match
matches(String) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
Check whether a string matches the pattern.
matches(String, Token) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token


NoPositionException - Exception in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
NoPositionException(String) - Constructor for exception li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.NoPositionException
NUM - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
NUM_NO_LEADING_ZEROS - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token


of(List<PositionBuilder>) - Static method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.PositionsBuilder
of(List<Token>) - Static method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
of(PositionBuilder...) - Static method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.PositionsBuilder
of(Token...) - Static method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence


Partition - Class in li.selman.jpbe.classifier
Partition() - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.classifier.Partition
PathFinder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
PathFinder(Graph) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.PathFinder
Position - Interface in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
PositionBuilder - Interface in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
PositionsBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position
Wraps and applies multiple PositionBuilders.


SEMI_COLON - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
sequenceLength() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
SPACE - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
START - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
StartToFinishPath - Class in li.selman.jpbe.datastructure
Represents all paths on Graph that lead from start to finish.
SubstringExpression - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
SubstringExpression(Position, Position) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression
SubstringExpressionBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression
SubstringExpressionBuilder(PositionsBuilder) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpressionBuilder


to - Variable in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
Token - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token
Restrictions on Regular Expressions: Kleene star is restricted to one or more occurrences (instead of zero or more) No disjunction operator allowed (or-operator) These restrictions are in place to efficiently enumerate regular expressions.
Token(Pattern) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
Tokens - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token
Tokens(List<Token>) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Tokens
TokenSequence - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token
Merges a list of tokens together to a new combined token.
TokenSequenceBuilder - Class in li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token
TokenSequenceBuilder(int, BiFunction<Character, Token, Optional<Token>>, Tokens) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequenceBuilder
TokenSequenceBuilder(int, Tokens) - Constructor for class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequenceBuilder
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.classifier.Match
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Edge
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.datastructure.Graph
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.ConstantStringExpression
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.Expressions
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.LookupExpression
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.expression.SubstringExpression
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.ConstantPosition
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.position.DynamicPosition
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
toString() - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence


UNDERSCORE - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
union(TokenSequence) - Method in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.TokenSequence
UPPER_ALPHA - Static variable in class li.selman.jpbe.dsl.token.Token
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